About the Artist – Lyn Pettigrew

Lyn Pettigrew creates Original Abstract Artworks including Acrylic Paintings, Acrylic Pours and Watercolours

“When the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art” – Leonardo da Vinci

Hello, I’m Lyndsey (or Lyn as my family call me). Thank you for visiting my website.

Lyn Pettigrew - Scottish Artist
Lyn Pettigrew

When I look at Abstract Art I like to feel the emotion from the artist, so I do hope this is something you will experience with the art I am offering you here.

From an early age I have been someone who needed and enjoyed visual stimulation. I liked using my hands and being creative in whatever way I could and that has continued on throughout my life in one shape or another.  My real love of painting started a long time ago with painting by numbers kits – I couldn’t get enough of them – but these kits were expensive at the time in relation to my pocket money. I usually had to wait until someone gave me one as a present, which was very frustrating!

As the years have flown by, my 4 children are all grown up and have given me 7 wonderful grandchildren. I am now in the right place to have the time to devote to my painting which is exciting me enormously.

I create my art from my home in Loanhead near Edinburgh, Scotland. I work mainly in acrylics, multi-media and watercolours – occasionally dabbling in some Acrylic pouring, which can be extremely unpredictable.

I do hope you will enjoy these examples of my acrylic pours, abstract paintings and watercolours and maybe even feel enthusiastic enough to purchase one or two pieces!!

Best wishes,