Quite a Spectacle! – Original Acrylic Painting No.7233


Size 50 x 20 x 1.5 cm

Availability: For Sale

This original acrylic painting with mixed media was really good fun to create. The spectacles needed to be whacky, so I made them out of string, stuck them to the canvas, waited until they dried and then painted over them. The rest of the painting pretty much flowed naturally in a mixture of bright and darker colours, with pink being the most dominant.

Only really one way to hang this picture I think, but see what you think yourself.

One small nail in the wall is all that is needed to secure this picture.

It has been given one hand-applied coat of artist’s varnish for protection.

It comes complete with a Certificate of Authentication signed by the artist.

Price includes packing and free delivery within the UK. Contact us for shipping costs to destinations outside the UK.


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