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April Blog – New Acrylic Pours & Paintings

Wednesday 7th April, 2021

I hope you managed to have a lovely Easter and perhaps you have had a nibble or two of some chocolate eggs along the way!!!

During the month of March I have been really quite productive in my studio and as a result, if you go to my online shop, you will be able to see 10 new pictures.   You will see that I have done 8 acrylic pours in March and 2 abstracts.   Travelling North East (which contains a short message in the painting) and The Red Bus have turned out to be probably 2 of my favourite abstracts so far.  

I think Travelling North-east and The Red Bus really do demonstrate and emphasise where my emotions were throughout March – very up and down, like a lot of us.   On my “up” days I would be drawn towards working on The Red Bus and on my less “up” days Travelling North-east would be my main focus.   This one actually started life as 3 long black strokes made with a large brush which I painted diagonally across the canvas.   They resembled a motorway at night, so I painted some sky scraper buildings down the left-hand side, then I got stuck for a while (like a few days) thinking of where I wanted to take it from there.   Then, for some reason I felt the need to include a “caution” sign and some “travel” signs along the road.   This was obviously all coming from my subconscious mind as, like a lot of people in the world, I can’t hug my family without plane travel and that’s not something I am looking forward to, even when it is allowed again.     What I am trying to say is, I think Travelling North-east in particular, contains a huge amount of the inner me when I was painting it.   There are a number of layers of muted paint in this piece and I do hope you like the finished article as much as I love it.

Original abstract Painting
Travelling North East

My favourite colour of all time is red, I think it is because to me, it is a happy and welcoming colour, like a real coal fire which we used to sit around years ago with family and friends, keeping cosy on cold nights.  As a result I tend to use red quite a lot in my paintings and The Red Bus is no exception.  It’s a total contrast to the darker and muted colours I chose for Travelling North-east.

Abstract acrylic pour on canvas

With the acrylic pours, I did something which I don’t do normally – I used exactly the same paint for 3 of the pours – Flora & Fauna, Down to the River and The wonder of Colour.  I also poured them all in exactly the same way and you will see for yourself, they all turned out completely differently.

That’s what I love about pouring – the unpredictability of the end result.    In many respects it is also like painting abstract pictures because the end result is usually miles away from the starting point.   


Sadly the photos I take of my paintings don’t really do them justice as they tend to drain them of their full extent of colour, making them look slightly washed out.

I am trying to improve my photography skills, but if you would like me to take more photos of a particular painting please let me know and I will be happy to oblige.

Flora & Fauna

Till next month, stay safe.

Lyn xxx

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